Men's skin care BotaVita HOMME is in store now.

SpikeOut Japan Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of BotaVita HOMME, Botavita Men`s Series on its official Website and Online from June 2020.

■What is BotaVita?
BotaVita is a skin care brand with the concept of Botanical Life. Botanical Cleansing Balm, well known for its melting texture was released last year as a regular series, becoming a big hit for many fans.

■What is BotaVita HOMME?
While inheriting BotaVita`s concept of Plant-derived, Skin-Friendly Skin Care, we have developed new products specifically for men`s skin care by adjusting to men`s unique skin. We have taken a sample trial to receive feedback such as
“Iffy Comfort”, “Want it to be smoother”, “Container should be a little smaller”, and “Would like to pay attention to the package design” and reflected on our newly released product. We will continue to aim for products that can be picked by many people by using Agile Methods that fits the needs of our customers.
In addition, we will continue to plan and develop products that will be loved and used by many people not only in Japan but also overseas in the future. With the concept of Botanical Life, we will develop Skin Care items that are gentle on our skin while making continuous efforts to reduce the burden on the environment.

・Refrain from excessive packaging, novelties such as stickers, packaging, etc.
・ Proposing items that can be used repeatedly

, etc. We will develop compliant initiatives and business activities for the concept and goals of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

■ What is SpikeOut Japan?
Japanese subsidiary of SpikeOut Group.
The SpikeOut Group is engaged in planning, manufacturing and sales specializing in cosmetics and beauty, as well as developing and operating the global cosmetics platform "With". The SpikeOut Group also provide services including comprehensive promotion support from manufacturing fast cosmetics, domestic promotion utilizing videos, SNS, etc., and promotional support to Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand), Europe, Americas, etc