Announced Exclusive Distribution Agreement with AEON Group Wellness in Malaysia to selling "Teiketsu Wa Hada Miizumi"

JT ACE (Headquarters: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), an affiliate of the Spikeout Group, has signed an exclusive sales contract for Wahashi Mizumi in Wellness, which is being developed by the AEON Group, and has begun selling Wahashi Mizumi in Malaysia.

■What is Wellness?
A drugstore brand developed mainly in Southeast Asia, China, and Hong Kong by the AEON Group. Available in 65 stores in Malaysia

■What is Wahashi Mizumi?
A cosmetic brand that contains Sake Lees, Japanese and Chinese Extracts, a beauty ingredients that has been handed down in Japan for many generation, sold by FORES Co., Ltd. (Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture). A new Product "Gokujo Skin Care Series" containing fermented ingredients were also released from the same brand in January 2019, with the concept of sake lees yogurt, rice, bean miso, etc.

■ What is the SpikeOut Group?
We are developing and operating the global cosmetics platform "With".
In addition, we provide services including production of fast cosmetics production, domestic promotion utilizing videos, SNS, etc., and to promotional support to Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand), Europe, Americas, etc. .

■ Overview
Miizumi Wakin has been released at Wellness (about 30 stores) of the AEON Group, which operates in Malaysia. At the time of this launch, a press conference was held between the two companies, and about 30 media in Malaysia and dozens of local influencers gathered together to expect future development in Southeast Asia.