Pharmaceutical Affairs Ingredient Check and Certificate

In order to sell cosmetics in Japan, it is necessary to comply with the cosmetic standards stipulated by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. The SpikeOut Group has a wealth of know-how as it has been importing, exporting, planning and manufacturing many cosmetics. We provide support in reviewing ingredient checks, provide import notification and sales notification. 

- Flow -

Contact Us

We will ask to provide us with list of product name, Ingredient list and sample of the product for review in advance. (In addition to conducting hearings for further detail if needed)

◎ Please let us know the purpose of use 

Component Analysis Request

We will ask for deposit in advance and analyze the ingredients based on the sample items.

Analysis/ Result report

We will report the analysis results. 


Sample Report

We will analyze whether the ingredients can be distributed domestically and provide you with a report (sample on left) Review process duration depends on the content of each test.

Research Fee

Per Item

From ¥ 20,000 (tax included) ~

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