Whether you are thinking of entering Cosmetics Business, creating differentiated product, or to launch existing product attractively to the Market, we are here for support. With our abundant track record of cosmetics OEMs and network with many production bases, we have built a production network with strong track records for both small and major manufacturers who seek to produce and shape customer demand. We will be able to provide strong support for those entering Cosmetics industries for the first time. 

We have a strong development and manufacturing system in place for both existing and new business comers in Cosmetics Industries.

 "I want to make something using special ingredients that are hard to come by" 

We will make a proposal and suggestion based on your demand, request and target customers. We will be able to support your demand with our wide range of business records, manufacturing factories while carrying out Industry-academia projects with university research institutes. We are open to hearing your demand and respond with your needs. 

Specialized staff will provide you with suggestions and alternative solutions. 

"I want to make an original item, but what should I start with? How much does it cost?"

Please don`t worry. Our experienced staff will coordinate product prescription development, manufacturing, package design, Sales support and provide you with total Proposals of your demand. 

Specializing in Made in Japan items

We manufacture and support made in Japan brands. We will be able to support business expansion not only within Japan but globally.

- Business Performance -

For those in worry of choosing the right cleansing

For those who want to remove makeup firmly and for sensitive skin. A proposal for cleansing butter that can remove properly while protecting your skin. 

Helping stressed skin of modern women to original beautiful skin

A pack containing two types of clay and natural plant ingredients, which are rich in minerals, are made from Japanese botanical ingredients, leading to moisturized and beautiful skin.

Making delicate skin moisturized

Skin care cosmetics containing rare Hawaiian honey "White Honey" and 10 kinds of organic ingredients. 

High quality skin care for Men 

Pursuing simplicity and high quality. The ultimate item composed of special ingredients used for each item will heal your loved one's daily life. We aim to be a source of confidence and vitality.

- Flow -

OEM - Company Selection

We will first make hearings on your  product (concept) you want to manufacture and select an OEM company. 


Manufacturing flow creation

We will create / suggest manufacturing flow according to your budget and timeline. * Approximate amount will be calculated and half-payment will be required in advance. 

Prototype Manufacturing

We will repeatedly manufacture prototypes until it meets your product demand and request. We will propose both contents, container design and package image. 

Final Quote

After finalizing  specifications and production lot, we will make a final quotation.


Inspection / Shipment and  Delivery

We inspect and judge the shipment of manufactured products according to the customer's quality standards, and deliver them responsibly to the customer or designated location.

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