Sales Support

In order to increase sales, we will take optimal measures for each product using our unique know-how. We propose sales measures that utilize our retail store network, online exposure measures, and so on.

- Flow -

Contact US

1)To understand your target product
2)Current Status (Time schedule if any) 
3)Product Specifications

*If you hold an item sample for reference, we may ask for arrangement.

Suggestion / Offer

We will make proposals based on sales conditions, budget, brand strategy, etc. Contract will be fixed once contents are finalized. 
* Advance payment (50% ~) after STEP3 


Retail store Information / Agency

Disclaimer: Please note that we can not provide 100% guarantee for Agency related request. *We will conduct an examination according to requested items before making any announcement and does not provide 100% guarantee of full product exposure. 

Advertising Operation and Support

We will provide and suggest support and operations depending on the contents from Step 2. 

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